Vision Care for Kids Act: AOA Supports HR 507

Vision Care for Kids Act: AOA Supports H.R. 507/S. 1117 Co-sponsors Needed!


The American Optometric Association (AOA) is working to pass H.R. 507 / S. 1117, the Vision Care for Kids Act of 2007, introduced by Senators Kit Bond (R-MO) and Chris Dodd (D-CT), and Reps. Gene Greene (D-TX), Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (RFL). This bipartisan legislation would make the fight against preventable vision loss in children a top priority by establishing a Federal grant program aimed at bolstering children’s vision initiatives in the states and encouraging new community-based children’s vision partnerships.

Optometrists urge every Member of Congress to join as a co-sponsor of H.R. 507 / S. 1117. Neither bill will be given priority consideration on Capitol Hill unless a sufficient number of co-sponsors are added.

Concerned parents and educators know that good vision is an essential component of learning. Optometrists, America’s frontline providers of eye and vision care, know that early detection and prompt treatment of vision problems in children is a key to preventing permanent loss of vision. Yet, vision disorders, including amblyopia and strabismus, are considered the fourth most common disability in the U.S., and remain one of the most prevalent handicapping conditions in childhood. According to the National Parent-Teacher Association, ten million American children suffer from vision disorders.

No child should be left behind due to vision problems. A strong Federal commitment to treatment for children who have been identified with vision disorders – as envisioned by HR 507 /S. 1117 – is needed to ensure that millions of American children are able to learn and realize their full potential.

Without a sufficient number of Congressional co-sponsors for children’s vision legislation, the issue will not be a priority for the 110th Congress. PLEASE EDUCATE YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES ABOUT THE CARE YOU PROVIDE TO SCHOOL-AGED CHILDREN AND THE LINKAGE BETWEEN HEALTHY VISION AND LEARNING, AND URGE THAT:
  • U.S. Congressmen/women join as co-sponsors of HR 507.
  • U.S. Senators join as co-sponsors of S. 1117.
H.R. 507 Cosponsors by State
Grijalva (D)

Boozman (R)
Ross (D)

Napolitano (D)
Stark (D)
Woolsey (D)

DeGette (D)

Murphy, C (D)

Castor (D)
Mack (R)
Ros-Lehtinen (R)
Wexler (D)
Lewis, John (D)

Schakowsky (D)

Braley (D)
Latham (R)

Cummings (D)
Wynn (D)

Tierney (D)

Conyers (D)
McCotter (R)
Clay (D)
Cleaver (D)

New Hampshire
Shea-Porter (D)

New Jersey
Pascrell (D)
Payne, D. (D)

New York
Crowley (D)
Engel (D)
Fossella (R)

North Carolina
Etheridge (D)
McIntyre (D)
Price, D. (D)
Pryce (R)
Space (D)
Tiberi (R)

Sullivan (R)

Blumenauer (D)

Cuellar, H. (D)
Green, G. (D)
Green, A. (D)
Hinojosa (D)
Jackson-Lee, S. (D)
Reyes (D)

Kagen (D)
S. 1117 Cosponsors by State
Chris Dodd (D)
Kit Bond (R)