Legislative Priorities

The AOA Advocacy Group works with legislators to produce quality legislation to advance eye care in the United States. At the same time, AOA works to defeat legislation harmful to optometrists and their patients.

While AOA works hard to advance the interests of optometrists, it is important that all members get involved in the legislative process. AOA has developed several ways to make sure that your voice is heard by your representatives on the key points listed above.

Do you know your representative(s)? Personal involvement in the political and legislative process is among the most important contributions AOA members can make to the profession. The AOA Keyperson Network, now over 700 members strong, serves as an important element of AOA's legislative strategy. Keypersons are volunteers who have an existing relationship with a legislator or are willing to forge a new relationship. To become a member of the AOA Keyperson Network, contact the AOA at 1-800-365-2219.